Back to Writing the Passions (nobody can justly say that I am not trying to sell the last few remaining copies of this excellent and challenging book, which has never been an STBS:

On Deception, Sleep and the Heart
Rituals of Guilt and Innocence
The Innumerable Community
The Violence of the Automaton
Dreams of Forgiveness
Evading the Spoils
A Hidden Cacophony
Nostalgia, Regret, Evaporation

Oh, I knew a thing or two then (or thought I did). Some time soon I shall post my ‘Ballad of Disreputable Old Age’, a homage to George Barker. As they say, I knew George before he died; who properly gets to know somebody after they’ve died? Well, actually, all of us, I suppose: perhaps that’s one kind of true knowledge (if such a thing exists, and unless everything is indeed like Heraclitus’ river).

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