A little aside on rainfall:

Rain reign rain main rain Spain rain … moon spoon moon raccoon moon dune … crane drain there is a crane in the drain in the main we are down the drain falling falling mainly on the plain … croon boon it might be noon on the dune and all we know about the moon in June such a prune … bane stain falling from the wain into the main where is the main what is the main mane lion mainline refrain an endless refrain how can we refrain when all is on the main … goon loon they are coming we are falling rune we cannot tell our (falling) tune rune words are here they are falling … brain that’s it brain how to retain our brain when all around us is the stain sane yes we are sane otherwise there is no gain grain refrain refrain from grain chain beating falling under the chain but yes there is (even though we are falling, beneath the chain, against the grain) there is RAIN ON THE MOON!

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