And so to the next set of section headings from Writing the Passions (remember: male artists are essentially collectors, female artists are dispersers):

A Passion for Subjection
On Suturing and Coming Apart at the Seams
Wounding and Protection
Passions and Incarnations
Suffering Upside Down
Sometimes a Bad Dream

Oh, I like that ‘suturing’ business; did I really write that, and so long ago, in another lifetime, when I had a different appellation, round about that time, I suppose, when flash fiction was being invented? In a little while I shall come on to cenotes, the Mayan sacred pools; and I shall give you the answers to some riddles that have not yet been invented. That is, unless I am overwhelmed by the fragments; as the ghost of John Berryman’s demented priest continues to insist, something interferes with me; everywhere. Oh Fabor, Bruna, Elkan: I wish you were with me now …

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