Here is a fragment, one of several I shall be posting:

… at the meeting in the 1970s of the IRC (Institute for Resistance to Contentment), we came across this fragment. It was stained, and it appeared as though various bits and pieces were missing; though who can know? It seemed to refer to the time when I, with Fabor Riccienzi and Bruna Newman, were reminiscing about the dreadful events of – oh when? I forget when – but there were, of course, the raids. The raids were continent-wide, none of us here could have forgotten then. So much was lost; even before we have begun (have we begun? I forget). Let us suppose we have begun … coughing and sweltering in the endless irradiation …

There appears to be no signature. The signaturemdoes not appear. Instead, there is a copy of an invitation to fast-track forward to the World Museum of Peppers.

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